Commander Up is the commander of the Starship 15A2. He is known for his courage during the Robot War, during which he was sliced in half while saving his friend, Taz. After this event, he was became reluctant to kill others, until Bug teaches him to "kill with his heart." He was the leader of the rescue mission assigned to rescue the Science Officer February. He is played by Joe Walker.

During the Robot War, he saved Taz many times and has earned the informal rank of Super Soldier. He also mentions to Bug that he likes Taz.

Up suffered an injury during the robot wars, and since then has said to have gone 'soft'. Up had his testicles cut off by Optimus Prime. This same event caused him to lose half of his body that was then replaced by a robot. He also doesn't pee sitting down. No matter what ANYONE says.


Up is not the tough guy he is talked up to be. Especially after the Robot War, where he got his famous injury, it is said Up had gone soft. Up lost his confidence after the Robot War and has been having trouble getting back up. Up became reluctant to kill people after the war. He has a soft spot for his team, especially Taz, and could not bare the thought of leaving anyone behind. Taz may also be Up's weakness showing how much he cares for her and how protective he is of her.

Later on Up saves Taz from the Mosquito brothers and there he learned to kill with his heart, regaining the confidence he had lost after the Robot War.